Owner and Piano Instructor,  Catherine Behrenst


Catherine's great-grandmother, grandmother and mother all enjoyed playing the piano, and all enjoyed listening to many styles of music. Catherine began singing in choirs at church and school as a preschooler and continued through college. She has been told her interest in playing the piano started at the age of two: While watching her mother play a song, she sidled up the bench, placed her hands on the keys, and said, "Me make it go!" Catherine began taking lessons at the age of 5 years, excited that I finally was able to learn to play the piano myself (my older sister had been allowed to start lessons a few years earlier). I continued taking lessons and playing for community and church events throughout high school. 

Catherine holds Bachelor’s and Masters Degrees in Speech-Language Pathology. She continued playing the piano and began teaching a few lessons in 2006, while working as a Speech-Language Specialist with preschool through middle school students. In 2010, she decided to further explore teaching piano lessons as a career. Catherine enrolled in college classes to continue her education in music and opened "Catherine's Piano Studio" in my home, as well as continuing to give lessons in the homes of students. As her husband moved throughout his military career, Catherine had the opportunity to explore various settings and styles of piano lessons and vocal styles around the world. In 2021, the family purchased the former McKenna Community Church in McKenna, Washington, and began to build McKenna Community Music.

Catherine feels blessed to have a leadership role in enabling others on their musical journey.